The enchanted secret garden - Lalang Field

A part of me always likes to wander and discover places in Singapore that are extraordinary . A hidden beach cove, an enchanted lalang field, a winding lane nestled between colorful shop houses and a hill that overlooks the skyline..these are just some my favorite hideouts . Away from the weekend crowd and hidden from civilization, these places are so tranquil and they let me be me.

As I breathe and let my thoughts free, I feel inspired and grateful for this beautiful life.

A few months ago, I stepped out for a walk and after taking a different route I came across a lalang field. Pleasantly surprised (as i thought the lalang fields were in Punggol only), I decided to come back with my camera. As I rushed home, I looked up and saw that the golden hour was fast approaching. Glistening sunlight would soon cover the lalangs and exude an ethereal glow. Soon with my camera in tow, i went back and saw the entire field glittering. 'This was my enchanted secret garden',

Lalang field Singapore
"There is excellence all around you. You just have to stop and savor it"

5 Getaways from Singapore that you probably didn't know existed!

After living in Singapore for the last few years, I know one thing for sure. We are a vibrant travel hub! With a world class airport and hundreds of direct flights, many exotic destinations are just a short plane ride away. With such ideal proximity, it should come as no surprise that travel is an essential part of life here. Come school holidays, most families are out and about visiting our scenic neighbors. For culture, places like Penang and Bali are local favorites, while Phuket and Langkawi come close for their sunny disposition (aka the beaches!). So, while, most of us have crossed the common travel destinations off our bucket list, there is always an insatiable hunger to discover newer places. After all, Asia is so diverse and versatile that every country offers a different yet profound experience.

So, what if there were newer destinations popping up that were still unheard off. Places that were exotic yet off the beaten track. These questions constantly hounded an avid traveler like me and I set out to make new discoveries and that's what led to the birth of this blog post.

With a whiff of fresh air and exotic palm fringed beaches, these beautiful locales will make you fall in love with Asia all over again. Hidden from the roving tourist eye, these getaways are largely undiscovered and still in their natural pristine state. Time to pack those bags ,shed those inhibitions and experience what these gorgeous locales have to offer.

1. Kudat, Malaysia

A diverse natural environment of undulating hills and valleys lined with lush forests and a pristine , coral-fringed coastline with secluded coves, white sand beaches and clear azure waters. Welcome to the exotic paradise of Kudat in Malaysia. Located 3 hours away from Kota Kinabalu, this breathtaking destination beckons travelers seeking seclusion and privacy. With some of Sabah's finest beaches , this sleepy little town is unlike any other tourist destination in Malaysia. Exuding a tranquil zen like aura, a trip here is bound to be relaxed, laid back and scenic! Resorts like the Hibiscus Beach Retreat offers an ideal getaway from the maddening crowd. 

How to get there - Fly from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu and then drive 3 hours to Kudat. 

Picture - Kudat, by Sabah Tourism 

My week in instagram pictures

It's been a while since I posted in this series . Considering that  I use Instagram more than any other social media site, it should be updated more often ! However, as most of these pictures are taken spontaneously through an iPhone, they seldom make it to the blog. That should change :)

Because nothing compares to the feeling of taking pictures through your iPhone, editing it on the go and posting in within a few seconds . Each picture is special and tells its own unique story. Here are some of my stories that made their way to my instagram feed . Do share some of yours too! Let me know your user name in the comments and il make it a point to follow :)

Lunch with a view 
Where - The Pelican @ one Fullerton 

I have lived in Singapore for almost 5 years now and still never get tired of this view . The magnificent Marina bay sands stands in all its opulence as it reaches towards the sky. Sorrounded by emerald waters and dotted with tiny sail boats, it's a pleasing sight for sore eyes . Not to mention, the bright blue sky that makes a vivid backdrop .