Cafe Review - De May Coffee House , Chiang Mai

On a warm summer afternoon, we headed down from our hotel to explore some of the cafes in the vicinity. Chiang Mai is popular for its cafe culture and plenty of good eateries have sprouted all over town. So, one quick tuk tuk ride later, we found ourselves walking down cobbled streets and chanced upon a quirky little place called 'De May Coffee House".

The first thing I noticed was the 'whimsical feel' of the garden surrounding the cafe. Bird cages hung from the branches and floral creepers covered the porch . It felt like I had just stepped into a secret garden off sorts, beautifully decorated with a 'closer to nature' concept. The outdoor area had comfortable lounge chairs on a wooden deck. This seemed like the perfect place to read a book while enjoying a cuppa on a lazy afternoon.

Our Trip to Chiang Mai

You know you are in Thailand when you step off the plane and smiling faces greet you with folded hands. As they melodiously say "Sawadeeka", its pure music to the ears. Just one simple greeting provides a glimpse into their culture which is filled with hospitality, kindness and generosity of spirit. The people of Thailand are just so warm, friendly and affectionate. And, did i mention that they love kids?  Especially when they start entertaining your toddler who gleams at all the attention.. score!

Chiang Mai had been on our travel list for long. After exploring the island getaways of Phuket and Krabi, we wanted to experience the beauty of northern Thailand. Less touristy and blessed with rolling hills, Chiang mai is a scenic getaway that combines good weather with delicious Thai food and warm hospitality. If you are a young family like ours, this is an incredible kid friendly destination too! 

Upon arrival, we checked into our hotel, Siripanna Villa and resort. Located in suburban area and near the local attractions (night market, temples etc), the hotel was an idyllic little paradise where we could relax and rejuvenate. Unlike most tourists who prefer to stay in the hills, we choose the city as we wanted to avoid longer road travel (aka journey sickness for the wee one). The hotel was a little hidden gem and we enjoyed every minute of our stay. I am quite biased towards good quality Egyptian cotton linen and the room had that and more. It was extremely comfortable and I loved waking up in the morning feeling pampered ! When i did manage to drag myself off the bed, i enjoyed watching the golden sunlight flicker as it fell on the trees by the balcony.  
The hotel though small, had its own little paddy field called the lanna field. Every morning, hotel guests could partake in activities such as planting saplings and giving alms to the Buddhist monks.  This happened really early and as mentioned above, i couldn't drag myself off the comfort of the bed. However, I did manage to venture out with my camera later when the boys were fast asleep and it was just me and my camera (aah, me time! ).

The enchanted secret garden - Lalang Field

A part of me always likes to wander and discover places in Singapore that are extraordinary . A hidden beach cove, an enchanted lalang field, a winding lane nestled between colorful shop houses and a hill that overlooks the skyline..these are just some my favorite hideouts . Away from the weekend crowd and hidden from civilization, these places are so tranquil and they let me be me.

As I breathe and let my thoughts free, I feel inspired and grateful for this beautiful life.

A few months ago, I stepped out for a walk and after taking a different route I came across a lalang field. Pleasantly surprised (as i thought the lalang fields were in Punggol only), I decided to come back with my camera. As I rushed home, I looked up and saw that the golden hour was fast approaching. Glistening sunlight would soon cover the lalangs and exude an ethereal glow. Soon with my camera in tow, i went back and saw the entire field glittering. 'This was my enchanted secret garden',