My week in instagram pictures

It's been a while since I posted in this series . Considering that  I use Instagram more than any other social media site, it should be updated more often ! However, as most of these pictures are taken spontaneously through an iPhone, they seldom make it to the blog. That should change :)

Because nothing compares to the feeling of taking pictures through your iPhone, editing it on the go and posting in within a few seconds . Each picture is special and tells its own unique story. Here are some of my stories that made their way to my instagram feed . Do share some of yours too! Let me know your user name in the comments and il make it a point to follow :)

Lunch with a view 
Where - The Pelican @ one Fullerton 

I have lived in Singapore for almost 5 years now and still never get tired of this view . The magnificent Marina bay sands stands in all its opulence as it reaches towards the sky. Sorrounded by emerald waters and dotted with tiny sail boats, it's a pleasing sight for sore eyes . Not to mention, the bright blue sky that makes a vivid backdrop .

The saga of the burp

What is it about me ? I swear, most days I'm just a burp magnet! I attract people who .. well .. burp in public! And not just a subtle burp but a full fledged earth-shattering one.

Just the other day, I was coming home from work in a cab when the driver burped really loudly . With the windows up and the air-con on full blast, I couldn't help but grimace in the back seat. Why would some one let out any kind of air in a closed space with a stranger ! Fart or burp , same thing ! 

Anyhow, so this particular experience or a few others that I have encountered led my mind to refresh an unpleasant childhood memory. I was less than 10 and was sitting in a small town in Punjab with my aunt, uncle and a bountiful of other relatives . The conversation was grown up and so I wasn't paying much attention to it until my uncle let out a huge burp! I swear it was so loud that people down the block could probably hear it . As I felt disgusted, he let out another one ! Dear lord, why torture me twice!!

Our Trip to Cameron Highlands - Day 2

After an eventful drive and a scenic pit stop at the Lakehouse, we drove towards the Strawberry park resort. Located uphill on a seven acre hill, the resort offers panoramic views of the valley and the cloud laden hills. Unlike other hotels in the vicinity, the drive through the winding road resonates the feeling of seclusion and privacy. We hardly encountered other cars and it almost felt like we owned the road .

As we approached the resort, the clouds descended and covered the entire area in a blanket of mist. I quickly rolled the window and felt a gush of fresh cool air. The mountains beckoned and a surge of tranquility seeped through me. Surely, this was a little piece of heaven! 
 photo DSC_0073.jpg
After checking in, we went up to our room . Perched on the topmost floor, our balcony opened out to this view! For as far as the naked eye could see, miles and miles of lush rolling hills stretched till the horizon. In the distance, clouds hovered over the mountains as sleepy little cottages dotted the landscape. This afternoon view was just a prelude, for the view that greeted us the next morning was breathtaking.

Soon afterwards, I went down to quickly explore the surroundings before my little one woke up from his blissful nap. Road trips can be tiring , especially for small children but I was amazed at how well my little trouper managed it all :)

A couple of steps away from our block, I came across another spectacular view. Turns out, Strawberry park resort has multiple vantage points with spectacular views!